Age has somewhat wearied and years if not condemned, certainly added a patina. However the mind is still active, to a value of ‘active’ and I’m in the fortunate position of being able to still hammer a key-board and smoke my pipe.

In my time I have been a soldier, policeman, door-to-door salesman, teacher, and potter. I liked being a potter the best. Making money out of mud is as good as it gets. Making money out of words is harder, but it’s indoors and there’s no heavy lifting.

I had a friend, and a bloody good one, called Terry Pratchett. I have told some of the stories of our times together and now I’m telling others that meander around my time as a copper and beyond.
They are mostly harmless and might contain a grain of truth. Some certainly contain robust language, but only where it counts.

I hope you will enjoy them.
Bernard Pearson
Wincanton. May 2020

5 thoughts on “About

  1. There’s more! Thank you, very much. I look forward with anticipation to others, if you are of a mind. If not, these are joyful enough. Much Love.


  2. I’m currently suffering from insomnia and your stories are my lifeline. Thankful to have met you in person, even more thankful that you’ve agreed to marry me. Well me and my partner 😆 Keep on telling your stories. See you soon. Eskarina aka Amanda x


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