Talking out loud ……….

I started a blog in 2015 and had a great deal fun. Then I started writing a novel, and that sort of took over. As Terry once put it ‘writing is the most fun one can have with their clothes on’ and indeed that is so true.
So, in 2018 ‘Dovetail’ hit the shelves, and did much better than I thought. Well reviewed and over 1000 hardback sales and still trickling out on Amazon Kindle. Then into a new one, ‘A Glastonbury Tale’ which is now going through its final edit and should, fingers and elbows crossed, be out before ere long.
In between times I played around with some short stories. Terry always said they were a damn sight more difficult than novels, and he wasn’t wrong.
And then came ‘podcasts’ and suddenly I could tell and re-tell the story’s that I used to spout at conventions and the like.
So here are some of them. Like all tales tall and short they will have matured in the telling. Anecdotes rich in content and language, that I hope might amuse the listener. But please note: the odd profanity might lurk amid the narrative, but as some of you will know, ever was it thus!
I hope you like them.
Bernard Pearson
Wincanton May 2020

Just a short story to start things off. Recorded for a grandson.
Flying Pigs